The Russian military faced non-payment for participation in the battles - Britain

12:21 04 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian forces in the war against Ukraine continue to suffer morale and discipline problems. In addition to battle exhaustion and heavy casualties, pay problems are also a source of dissatisfaction among the military, according to a daily British military intelligence report on Twitter by the British Ministry of Defense on 4 September.

In the Russian army, the income of military personnel consists of a modest basic salary, which is accompanied by a complex set of bonuses and allowances.. In Ukraine, the Russian military faced the failure to pay large bonuses for participating in battles, British intelligence reports.

This is likely due to an inefficient military bureaucracy, the unusual legal status of a "special military operation" and, in at least some cases, corruption among commanders.

The command of the Russian army is unable to meet the basic needs of military personnel sent to Ukraine. We are talking about the necessary uniform, weapons and rations, not to mention payment. This, most likely, negatively affects the morale of the Russian military, the report says.

Earlier, British intelligence reported that the Russian army ridicule Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who has no military education and experience. According to the British, Shoigu has been removed from the real command of the troops in Ukraine. The Russian army is in deep shock.