Rospropaganda on the results of 2022: "The Russian army is defeating NATO"

07:50 01 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The political bloc of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation has prepared a manual for state and pro-government media on how exactly to sum up the results of 2022.

The document is divided into four blocks: "Main", "Strengthening Russia", "SVO" (as the Kremlin calls the war with Ukraine) and "New World Order".

In the " Highlights" section, the authors "recommend" once again to emphasize that Vladimir Putin, having sent troops to Ukraine, "made the only right decision, preventing the impending attack by Ukraine and NATO on the territory of Russia". The training manual says that Western countries have been preparing for an attack on Russia since 2014 and were going to "divide and subjugate the Russian people."

The authors of the text call the war "successful", and as confirmation of this, they talk about "Russia's protection of millions of Russian people, the return of Russian lands and the strengthening of national security."

"Russia now has 89 regions, and the area has increased by more than 80,000 square kilometers.. This territory is three times the size of Crimea and twice the size of Slovakia or Croatia, Denmark or Switzerland.

The expansion of Russia's borders through "reunification" with the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions allowed Crimea to cease being an "island" separated from the mainland of Russia," the manual reads.

At the same time, the authors do not mention that Moscow does not fully control any of the four annexed regions - and also lost Kherson, the only Ukrainian regional center captured by the Russian army after February 24.

The authors of the manual note that the Russian army "successfully achieves the goal of the NMD to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine," referring to the lies from the briefings of the Russian Defense Ministry.

However, propagandists are immediately "recommended" to make a reservation that Russia is fighting not with Ukraine, but with NATO - "the most powerful military machine in the history of mankind", which, however, "did not break the Russian army."

At the same time, the authors offer propagandists another thesis: "The West is providing less and less equipment and means to Ukraine."

Finally, in the “Strengthening Russia” block, the Kremlin “recommends” to focus on “social cohesion”. For example, Putin's high official rating (according to the VTsIOM estimate, 78.5% of respondents trust him) they directly link with "the Russians' unconditional support for the "special operation."

In the "New World Order" section, the Presidential Administration officials call Russia "the leader of countries" that "do not recognize the exclusivity of the West" and "the leader of a just, democratic and multipolar world." The Kremlin manual says: Putin is giving "Europe a chance to come to its senses and regain its subjectivity and future."