Russia almost runs out of Iranian drones - British intelligence

11:18 23 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence data, said that since September, Russia has allegedly launched hundreds of Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) against Ukraine.

Military analysts note that Russia has primarily used these weapons against tactical military targets and the Ukrainian power grid.
"However, in recent times, the Russian command probably also wanted Iranian-made UAVs to prioritize medical facilities as possible targets and hit them with guided munitions if identified, " the report says.
British intelligence suggests that Russia may have been campaigning to use UAVs to make up for a severe shortage of cruise missiles, but this approach has met with limited success.. Most of the launched UAVs were neutralized.
"Since November 17, 2022, there have been no public reports of OWA UAV strikes. Russia is likely to have almost exhausted its current stocks, but will most likely try to replenish them. Russia can probably buy UAVs from abroad faster than it can produce new cruise missiles domestically.