Russia cannot recruit new military units - Ukrainian intelligence

08:45 22 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence reports that Russia cannot form new military units due to a lack of people willing to go to war.

It is noted that in the Nizhny Novgorod region of the Russian Federation, the formation of a tank battalion, which has been ongoing since early July, has actually been disrupted. Of the required 160 people, about 30 people signed a contract for service.

According to intelligence, for greater motivation, the leadership of the region of the Russian Federation promises to pay monthly financial assistance in the amount of 10 thousand rubles from September 1 to the families of "volunteer contractors" whose children study in grades 10-11 of secondary schools. However, this did not lead to a significant influx of those wishing to go to war.

In general, a new mobilization system was created in the Russian Federation. It provides for mobilization activities on a territorial basis. When subdivisions financed from the local budget are formed in each regional unit.

In the zone of special attention of "recruiters" fall, first of all, representatives of "small peoples" and the poorest population. According to social studies, it is these categories that have the greatest "protest potential" due to the deteriorating socio-economic situation, the GUR notes.

Recall that a significant part of the Russian military considers it inappropriate to continue to use forces to participate in military ceremonial events in peacetime, while Russian troops are suffering heavy losses in Ukraine, according to a daily British intelligence report.