Enemy reconnaissance groups and their drone were eliminated - State Border Guard Service

10:43 29 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian border guards stopped the advance of intelligence of Russian invaders in the Siversky direction in the Bakhmut district. This was announced by the State Border Service of Ukraine (SFSU) in its Telegram channel on Saturday, October 29.

On Friday, October 28, the enemy tried to reconnoiter approaches to Ukrainian positions using a drone.

However, the Ukrainian military eliminated the enemy UAV.

Two groups of ground reconnaissance of the occupiers tried to approach the observation posts. Ukrainian fighters also stopped them.

Скриншот страницы Telegram-канала ГПСУ

As we have already reported, Russia has lost more than 70 thousand of its soldiers since the beginning of the war it unleashed against Ukraine.

It should be noted that according to the information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, over the past day, Ukrainian soldiers in the Maiorsk region in the Donetsk region destroyed 300 invaders who were preparing for an attack.