Rashists are preparing collections of Crimean museums for export to Russia

11:03 04 December Kyiv, Ukraine

The Russians are preparing for the export of collections and exhibits of the Crimean museums in the Russian Federation. This was reported by the organization Crimean Institute for Strategic Studies.

Experts note that some of the Crimean museums have been supplied with packaging material for the "evacuation" of collections. The organization reported that such measures could begin in the event of the retreat of Russian troops to Perekop and the advance of Ukrainian defenders on the left bank of the Dnieper.

Сообщение Крымского института стратегических исследований  в Фейсбук

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Culture offered to exchange the monument to Pushkin for the Kherson raccoon and paintings taken out by the invaders from the museums of the Kherson region.