Putin made some huge mistakes when he invaded Ukraine - Stoltenberg

08:34 10 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin underestimated the courage of Ukrainians and the support of allies, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Downing Street.
"Putin made some huge mistakes when he invaded Ukraine, strategic mistakes. One of them was that he underestimated the Ukrainians, their courage, their devotion to the fight and defense of the country," Stoltenberg said.
He added that Putin's other mistake was that he underestimated NATO allies, partners, "in our ability to support Ukraine."
“If President Putin wins in Ukraine, it will be disastrous for Ukrainians, but it will also make us more vulnerable, because then the message (to other authoritarian leaders) will be such that they can run away, achieve their goals, using aggressive military force,” — stressed the Secretary General of the Alliance.
The fact that Russia was driven back from Kyiv, Kharkov and Kherson, Stoltenberg said, "inspires how the brave Ukrainian forces are able to liberate even more Ukrainian territory": "The victories, the successes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces achieve, belong to the brave, courageous Ukrainian soldiers But, of course, the support they receive from the United Kingdom, from NATO allies and partners, is also extremely important.”

He also thanked the UK for training some 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers.