Putin hides from journalists because of the threat of coronavirus mutations

12:02 01 January Kyiv, Ukraine

In the foreseeable future, one should not hope that Russian President Vladimir Putin will resume communication with journalists in a pre-pandemic format. This was stated by Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov at a briefing on Friday, December 30.

“Honestly, it is unlikely that it (Putin’s communication with media representatives – ed.) will be exactly the same as it was before the pandemic in the foreseeable future,” Peskov said.

He explained that there is a "process of mutation of the virus (coronavirus - ed.), rather strong epidemiological waves of different strains of influenza."

“All this, of course, taking into account the lessons of the pandemic, obliges those responsible for the security of the president and for his health to take precautions,” Peskov stressed.

According to him, "of course, in such conditions, the president's health is a matter of state security."

Dmitry Peskov told why no one can infect Putin with coronavirus. It was also reported that Putin was injected with the Sputnik Light vaccine and a nasal vaccine was tested on him.