Putin signed a "decree" on the acceptance of the objects of the occupied ZNPP into federal ownership

19:03 05 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to transfer the occupied Zaporozhye NPP to federal ownership. Earlier, the Russians created a company to manage the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Energoatom called this decision "insignificant".

This is stated on the website of the Kremlin.
"The government of the Russian Federation should ensure that the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant's nuclear facilities and other property necessary for its operation are accepted into federal ownership," Putin's decree says.
The "decree" also states that the joint-stock company "Operating Organization of Zaporozhye NPP" has been appointed to manage the ZNPP "until January 1, 2028".
He also instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to determine, for the period up to 2028, the features of operation, the issuance of licenses and other aspects of regulating the operation of the station.