President Zelensky shared with Ukrainians the results of his visits to Italy and the Vatican

08:09 14 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Wherever the President is, he will invariably deliver his evening address to the Ukrainians. So, in a video message to the people on the evening of May 13, Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about his visits to Italy and the Vatican.

In the message of the president, in particular, it was about the agreements on further support for Ukraine from Italy.

"Italy will continue to support Ukraine - as much as it is necessary for us to survive and protect our people, our territory. We agree with George, the Prime Minister, our new joint defense steps. There are good things we can do together to protect the sky. There are good things we can do together to protect the earth. Agreed on weapons and air defense. There is also a joint declaration with Italy today: all the important things are the European Union, Italy supported the start of negotiations in 1923, correct and timely signals on NATO," Zelensky said.

The president also informed about the conversation with the Pope.

"I met with Pope Francis and it was a conversation that can really influence history, can really help stop the evil of aggression. I spoke about the crimes committed by Russian infidels against our people, about the deportation of Ukrainian children... I asked His Holiness to help return our children home to Ukraine," the president added.

Zelensky also shared his impressions of the atmosphere in Rome.

"One more thing. I am especially grateful to all those people who were on the streets of Rome with our Ukrainian flags, who met the Ukrainian delegation with an open heart and sincere good emotion," Zelensky said.