Premature reports of military advance in Kherson region harm operation - APU

18:17 27 June Kyiv, Ukraine

The operation to liberate the Kherson region is harmed by premature reports of the advance of the Ukrainian military.

This was announced by the head of the joint coordinating press center of the defense forces of southern Ukraine Natalia Humenyuk at a briefing in the media center.

Gumenyuk recalled that the operation to liberate the Kherson region is being carried out on open steppe terrain, which is very difficult for open battles.

In addition, the artillery at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not as long-range as that of the enemy.. The speaker urged to reduce the emotional degree of expectations and let the military carry out their plans.
"Unfortunately, some elements of anticipation and such a very emotional anticipation significantly hurt the way our promotion was going.. Therefore, these very joyful and premature messages are very inappropriate at a time when a military operation is underway.. In order for us to report on some significant achievements, we need to drive the enemy very far away so that he does not cover our positions. Therefore, again and again I appeal to all officials, to all public figures: do not rush ahead of the military command, please let the military do their job. No one will take away your laurels. We will do it, report back, then, please, PR," she said.