The Ambassador of Ukraine explained why the EU eased restrictions against Russia

16:34 25 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The European Union made targeted sanctions clarifications of restrictions against Russia in order to stop the manipulations by the Russian Federation, explained the Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU Vsevolod Chentsov.

He said this on the air of Suspilny.

Chentsov noted that the EU made some clarifications regarding the import of Russian agricultural products to third countries. They, according to him, consist in two moments.
“First, certain bans on transactions have been lifted, but only in this area. And second, certain bans have been lifted on the use of frozen assets in banks that have already been disconnected from SWIFT or included in the sanctions lists for use purely for these needs,” he explained..
At the same time, according to the representative of Ukraine to the EU, such exceptions were made in order to stop the manipulations by the Russian Federation that the EU and Ukraine are causing a food crisis in world markets.

Chentsov also added that the general sanctions pressure on Russia has intensified, and the European Union is already "actively looking for areas" that could be subject to restrictions next.

In particular, work is underway to extend sanctions against the metallurgical sector of the Russian Federation.

As reported, Russia succeeded in easing related sanctions. The EU agreed to this because it hoped to evade accusations of fomenting a food crisis - but as you can see, it didn't work.. More about this in the article: Istanbul as "Minsk": what will Russia get from the West in the "grain agreement" and around it.

On July 22, the European Union imposed sanctions on 57 individuals and entities as part of the seventh package of sanctions, which includes a partial ban on the import of Russian gold and greater controls on the export of dual-use and advanced technologies.