EU Ambassador congratulated Ukrainians on Independence Day

12:10 24 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ambassador noted that this anniversary is extraordinary, joyful and tragic at the same time.

"This is a day of celebration. We celebrate your resilience during half a year of Russia's brutal full-scale invasion and 8 years of aggression. But, like every day now, it is also a day of mourning for the dead, injured and victims of Russian atrocities, along with those who lost their loved ones and their homes.
This is the first day of independence, when Ukraine has already become a candidate country for EU membership. Europe celebrates with you and Europe mourns with you," Maasikas said.

He recalled how the EU helps Ukraine with real actions - by supporting the victims of the war, providing vital services and maintaining a normal life in Ukraine, supporting the reforms necessary for Ukraine's accession to the EU, giving Ukrainians the opportunity to temporarily live and work in EU countries, providing assistance for Ukrainian army for billions of euros
"The European Union will continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, during reconstruction and on your path to the EU. Because we are one family. We share common values and want to live in democracy and prosperity, not in the darkness of totalitarianism. Together we are Europe. Glory to Ukraine!" concludes Matti Maasikas.