Podolyak: it's time for Europe to "close the sky over Ukraine" for the sake of its security

10:41 17 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The President's office again calls on European countries to "close the sky over Ukraine" after a massive Russian rocket attack and an incident on the border with Poland on Tuesday.

This was stated by Advisor to the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak on Twitter, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov on Twitter
"No need to look for excuses and postpone key decisions. Time for Europe to "close the sky over Ukraine". For the sake of your own safety, too," Podolyak said.
Podolyak recalled that Russia is responsible both for massive missile strikes against Ukraine and for the rapidly growing risks for border countries.

Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov added that the incident on the border with Poland is a reality that was warned about: "We asked to close the sky, because the sky has no borders."

According to him, Russian unguided missiles are dangerous not only for Ukraine, but also pose a threat to neighboring countries, members of the European Union and NATO.
"Gloves off. It's time to win," the minister added.