In Ukraine, air alerts due to Russian aviation in Belarus

16:24 20 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Because of the raised Russian planes at the training ground in Belarus, they are raising an air alert in the regions of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the data on the air alert map on Friday, January 20.

Authorities are urging citizens not to ignore air raid alerts and head for shelter or safety.

According to the Belaruska Gayun monitoring group, at first, at 12:12, the Russian aggressors launched an A-50U airborne early warning and control aircraft with registration number RF-50608 at the Machulishchi airfield.

After 11 minutes, an escort fighter took off from the airfield in Baranovichi. And 12 minutes later, a MiG-31K aircraft took off in Machulishchi, which is a potential carrier of the Dagger hypersonic missiles.

Russian aggressors raise MiG-31K aircraft in Belarus not for the first time. Usually in such cases the air raid lasts no more than two hours.