At the initiative of the SBU, the activities of 12 pro-Russian parties in Ukraine have already been banned

18:03 23 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Today, the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal of Lviv decided to ban another pro-Russian political force - the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.
This decision was made on the basis of the presidential decree, the decision of the National Security and Defense Council and the corresponding response of the SBU to threats to the security of Ukraine.
This party added to the list of officially banned political structures, in particular:
▪️"Opposition Platform - During Lifetime"
▪️"Opposition bloc"
▪️"Party of Sharia"
▪️“Left Opposition”
▪️"Justice and Development"
▪️“Block Vladimir Saldo”
▪️Socialist Party of Ukraine
▪️"Union of Left Forces"
▪️Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.
It is noted that representatives of these parties relayed the official position of Russia towards Ukraine, supported and popularized the anti-Ukrainian policy and created a threat to the national security of the state.