The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly supports the idea to deprive the delegation of Russia

20:36 06 July Kyiv, Ukraine

At the last session, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly supported a resolution calling for the development of a mechanism to deprive a delegation of a state that has violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another.

This was announced by a member of the Ukrainian delegation of the OSCE PA Evgeniya Kravchuk.

According to her, three important resolutions on Ukraine were adopted at the regular session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.
"The first and main one is that the aggressive war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and its people also poses a threat to the entire OSCE region. In it, the Organization, in particular, calls on the OSCE PA Standing Committee to amend the Rules and Procedures, which will create an appeal mechanism and, as a result, deprive the delegation of a participating State that has violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another participating State,” Kravchuk noted.
In addition, the resolution considers Russia's crimes as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, insists on the speedy establishment of a special international criminal tribunal to hold accountable for these crimes, demands the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, etc.

Two more resolutions deal with the safety of journalists in the conflict zone, as well as the impact of security threats during the war on people's lives and society.