The occupiers plundered the Kakhovka Historical Museum

14:18 24 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The Russian army plundered the historical museum in Kakhovka during the retreat in the Kherson region and took everything to the Crimea.
This was reported by the press service of the Center for National Resistance.

The museum has more than 16 thousand items of storage. One of the most valuable exhibits are the anthropomorphic steles of the Pit-pit culture (3rd millennium. BC), ancient Greek amphorae (3rd-2nd millennium BC), pommel maces of the Catacomb culture (2nd millennium BC), Scythian ritual finials (5th century. BC), golden Sarmatian earring (III-I centuries BC), Polovtsian stone women (XI-XII centuries AD), early medieval chandeliers, etc..

The museum also displayed a collection of firearms and cold steel Turkish weapons of the late 18th-19th centuries.

Earlier, the invaders looted and took out 15,000 paintings from the Kherson Art Museum named after Oleksiy Shovkunenko.
In addition, the Russians took out from Kherson valuable funds of the regional library named after.

In early November, the invaders robbed the OCU church in Energodar. We are talking about icons of the late XVIII - early XIX century.