Invaders plan to send 2,000 people from Gorlovka to the front - CNS

09:05 07 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian invaders intend to send about two thousand residents of the occupied Gorlovka, Donetsk region, to the war. On Friday, January 6, reports the Center for National Resistance.

It is emphasized that even civil servants are planned to be taken to war.

"Occupation "military commissariats" in Gorlovka received orders to mobilize another 2,000 people. In this regard, the reservation is removed even from Russian civil servants who were transferred to Ukraine," the message says.

They clarified that, for example, in the occupied territories of the Donetsk region in the local traffic police, the former leadership, which consisted of collaborators, was replaced by Russians, and ordinary inspectors were told that their reservation was removed.

Recall that Russia intends to mobilize another 500,000 people into the army in January, in addition to the 300,000 who were drafted in October.

Earlier it was reported that Gorlovka doctors were ordered to pack "Wagnerites" in packages without examinations.