Occupants shell Ukraine with X-22 missiles designed for nuclear strikes

17:13 04 July Kyiv, Ukraine

After the change of commander of the RF Armed Forces, the invaders intensified the shelling of Ukrainian territories using long-range bomber aircraft.
At the end of June, it became known that the Southern Group of Forces is now controlled by General of the Army Sergei Surovikin, Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces.
“He knows how to fight with bombers and missiles, so he does what he can,” Budanov said.
After the appointment of Surovikin, Moscow began to actively use long-range aviation, in particular, Tu-22M3 aircraft, which mainly use old Soviet missiles.
“These are not just old Soviet missiles, the Kh-22 is a missile that was designed to deliver nuclear strikes.. Therefore, she has an accuracy indicator of plus or minus a kilometer - it was generally normal. It is designed to deliver nuclear strikes, and they fire a conventional warhead.. That's the whole answer. In principle, they do not have the accuracy that they would like to have, ”explained Budanov.
At the same time, Russian troops understand where their missiles are flying, even given their low accuracy, he is sure.
“They understand that these will be attacks on the civilian population. At this stage of its existence, Russia is just a monster with a nuclear baton, which threatens not only Ukraine, but the entire civilized world, ” said the head of Ukrainian intelligence.
Budanov believes that the threat of missile strikes in Ukraine still remains. He did not answer the question about the number of missiles in Russia, but noted that Kyiv knows this number. He also suggested that Moscow is unlikely to use nuclear weapons any time soon: "They clearly understand that the use of nuclear weapons will simply accelerate the disintegration of Russia."

Kh-22 missiles have been developed since 1958, began to enter service in the late 1960s and were upgraded in the 1970s. Their scope is the attacks of large groups of ships and aircraft carriers of NATO. The missile can carry a nuclear or high-explosive-cumulative warhead.

The missile has a long range and high flight speed, which makes it difficult to intercept, as well as a powerful warhead. However, the inertial navigation system based on a gyroscope and a primitive radar makes it not the most accurate: only about half of the shots hit within 600 meters of the target point. It is assumed that several missiles are required to achieve the goal.