The occupiers caused damage to the ecology of Ukraine for hundreds of billions of hryvnias

13:58 28 June Kyiv, Ukraine

About 260 cases of ecocide have been recorded on the territory of Ukraine.

This was stated by the Minister of Environment Protection and Natural Resources Ruslan Strelets during an online meeting with the Minister of Environment Protection, Waters and Forests of Romania Barna Tanchos.
"From the first day of the war, we have been counting all the losses caused by the invaders to our environment. About 260 cases of ecocide in the country and more than 2,000 cases of destruction of our ecosystems have already been recorded. The amount of damage exceeds UAH 200 billion. Such a war will definitely leave huge scars on the Ukrainian environment. Ukraine has joined the LIFE family and we have great hopes that within the framework of the program, among other things, we will be able to restore our wildlife," Strelets said.
It is noted that during the meeting, the Romanian side also raised issues of nuclear safety and access to data on the level of radiation, because from the first days of the war, the focus of the entire world community was riveted to this topic.
"Even today, the occupiers do not understand the risks they provoke by randomly bombarding our land with rockets. The only way to protect not only Ukraine and Romania, but the whole of Europe and the world from a nuclear threat is to close the sky over our country. Today, Ukraine has provided every inhabitant of the planet with free access to data on the state of radiation on our territory. Everyone can 24/7 receive data on all changes in indicators through the official application of the Ministry of Ecology "Eco-threat," the Ukrainian minister stressed.
At the same time, Ukraine and Romania agreed to strengthen cooperation in the Danube region and cooperation in the environmental field.