Invaders in Kherson region abused children - Lubinets

13:36 22 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Thousands of people went through the torture of Russian terrorists in the Kherson region. This was stated by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets.
“You know, I visited all the liberated territories ... but the scale of violations of international humanitarian law that I saw there horrified even me. Here, Russia has already reached the point where it made a separate cell for children, where they were beaten in the same way,” Lubinets noted.
According to him, the invaders did not seek information from people - they were simply beaten.. Witnesses reported that people were taken from their homes or from the street, put a bag over their heads and taken away: for several days they were beaten severely, electric shocks were applied, and practically no questions were asked.
“Then they give the person a little time to recover, and they take him out again, tie him to a chair with plastic ties, and they start asking questions. But this type: "We know that you are a spy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Do you confirm this? You can, in principle, not confirm, because we all know. Your task is to sign that you are a spy,” the Ombudsman said.

Lubinets said that people were often tortured with electric current and brought to such a state that some begged to be killed.

The prisoners were starved and thirsty.
“The guys filled a plastic bottle with industrial water and passed it from cell to cell. There was a small hole where the heating pipe passed, people passed this bottle through this hole so that the bottle dispersed through all the cells - and there were 6 of them. It came back - and again they took water into it, ”said Lubinets.

The invaders often recorded their atrocities on video. The Ombudsman noted that it is impossible to explain "why such cruelty, such an attitude was simply towards ordinary civilians, and even more so towards children."

According to him, the coordination of torture in the territories occupied by Russia is carried out by the FSB of the Russian Federation, and divisions of the National Guard operated in Kherson. When they left this territory, the Russian Guards left elements of their equipment.

Regarding cases of sexual violence by the invaders in the Kherson region, Lubinets said that such facts are recorded, but the topic is very complex and delicate.
"This is a very sensitive topic, it is necessary to approach each victim of sexual violence very carefully, professionally," the Ombudsman said, noting that it is important to maintain the anonymity of the victims.