New Zealand extends sanctions against Russia

14:12 31 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The New Zealand government announced the expansion of sanctions against a number of Russian citizens and organizations involved in the military sphere and propaganda, against the backdrop of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

It is reported by 1News.
"Today we are imposing sanctions on 14 people and seven organizations as part of our ongoing support to Ukraine.. The group includes military personnel, defense organizations and leaders, Russian-controlled disinformation channels, as well as the paramilitary organization and its senior command.
In particular, such Russian media as the Inforos news agency and the Crimean propaganda outlet NewsFront were sanctioned.

In addition, the sanctions list includes the heads and shareholders of companies that develop and manufacture missiles and firearms, as well as members of paramilitary groups associated with the Wagner PMC.

In general, New Zealand has imposed sanctions against more than 1,200 Russian individuals and legal entities.