Norway to cut gas exports due to strike

12:21 04 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Norwegian organization of managers and leaders (Lederne) did not reach an agreement with trade unions to increase the salaries of workers in mining companies and went on strike.

This will lead to a reduction in daily gas exports from Norway by 13%, Bloomberg reported on Monday, July 4.

For the period of the strike, production will be temporarily stopped at three offshore fields from July 5 and at three more by the end of the week.

Lederne decided to take extreme measures after the unions refused to approve previously agreed plans to raise salaries for mining workers to $3,220 or more a month.

The strike in Norway will take place against the backdrop of an escalating gas crisis in Europe due to the reduction in Russian supplies and attempts by European countries to have time to fill gas storage facilities before the onset of cold weather.

Exchange gas prices in Europe have risen by 2.7% since the start of trading on Monday due to a strike in Norway.