Norway hands over weapons to Ukraine to support security

19:46 18 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Norway will give Ukraine eight long-range multiple launch rocket systems and three artillery-guided radars called Arthur.
This was announced by Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Graham during his meeting with British counterpart Ben Wallace.
According to the minister, Norway will provide Ukraine with three artillery-guided radars and eight advanced long-range multiple launch rocket systems.
This act of cooperation is carried out with the active support of the UK.
"It is necessary to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons, and we could not cope with this task without the help of Great Britain," said Bjorn Arild Graham.
"The Ukrainian people have demonstrated impressive resilience. Their fight is our fight for freedom, democracy and security," Graham said.
The model name of the multiple rocket launcher system is not indicated, but it is assumed that this is the M270. Last year, Norway withdrew three such systems from storage and handed them over to the UK, which upgraded them and handed them over to the Ukrainian army.
The M270 is a 227 mm tracked multiple rocket launcher manufactured by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.