Nobody knows 100% yet whose rocket fell in Poland - Zelensky

14:02 17 November Kyiv, Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that until the completion of the investigation into the tragedy in Poland, it is impossible to say for 100% whose rocket fell in a Polish village on November 15 during a massive missile attack on Ukraine by Russia.

The guarantor stated this during an appeal to the participants of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.
"I don't know exactly what happened this time, 100%. The world doesn't know 100% either. I'm sure it was a Russian missile. We are grateful that we are not blamed because we are fighting Russian missiles on our territory," the president said.
Zelensky added that Ukraine would be allowed to investigate the incident.
“Yesterday we received confirmation that our specialists will take part in the investigation. Until the investigation is completed, we cannot say exactly which missiles or their parts fell on the territory of Poland. But we saw pictures of the diameter of the crater. It could not be only the remnants of anti-missile systems," he said.
Separately, the president stressed that this is not the first time parts of a Russian missile fall on the territory of other countries.
"Everyone should understand that about 100 missiles were fired that day. I am grateful to the world for supporting Ukraine with air defense systems. This is not the first time that parts of a Russian missile fall on the territory of another country, " he said.