In the south, four warehouses of invaders were destroyed in a day

10:47 07 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian army destroyed four warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions.

Also, the enemy lost a lot of manpower and equipment. This was announced on Thursday, July 7, by the Operational Command South.

It is noted that three warehouses with ammunition were destroyed in the Nikolaev region. Another warehouse with fuel and lubricants was destroyed near Kherson.

The Ukrainian military also eliminated 38 invaders, a T-62 tank, two 120-caliber mortar systems Sani, two armored vehicles and four vehicles.

It is also reported about the destruction of the enemy DRG in the Dobryanka area. In addition, the Ukrainian defenders repelled an assault attempt in the direction of Mirolyubovka.

At the same time, the invaders fired at the Nikolaev region with Grads and heavy caliber.