In the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated howitzers and "Grad" of the enemy

07:14 20 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated the enemy Grad MLRS, three Msta-B and Gvozdika howitzers and 41 invaders.

This was reported by OK "South".

It is noted that a couple of our attack aircraft and a bomber worked on the accumulation of the enemy, his equipment and ammunition depot, on the Grad MLRS battery in the area of Davidov Brod and Ternovy Pod. Our attack aircraft in pairs hit an enemy tank platoon in the Lozovoye area, and a bomber devastated an enemy stronghold nearby. The results of the defeats are being explored.

Also destroyed was an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle, a communications vehicle and two conventional field artillery depots in the Bruskinskoye area.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit several command posts, control stations and logistics support bases of the enemy.

In the area of Novogrigorievka, a pair of enemy Ka-52 attack helicopters tried to defeat. Lossless. In response, our helicopters attacked in pairs a cluster of weapons and equipment in the area of Kreshchenovka and Olgino. A mortar battery was partially destroyed.