$14 billion needed to restore Mariupol - mayor

13:41 06 July Kyiv, Ukraine

After the arrival of the "Russian world", the reconstruction of Mariupol will require more than 14 billion dollars and to rebuild the city in 7-10 years.

This was reported by the Mariupol city council with reference to the mayor of the city Vadim Boychenko in Telegram.

According to the mayor, 1,356 multi-storey buildings and 40% of private houses were destroyed or damaged due to the war in the city.. Most of them are not subject to reconstruction.

Experts tentatively estimate the cost of restoring infrastructure for 220,000 people to be more than $14 billion.

It is noted that the final figure will be known after an assessment of the destroyed houses after the de-occupation.

According to the mayor, the European Investment Bank and large Ukrainian businesses have already declared their readiness to help restore Mariupol.

The city authorities are now collaborating with various experts from cities that were destroyed during World War II - Gdansk, Warsaw, Dresden, Rotterdam - and are studying their experience in rebuilding.