A unit of "1300 Kadyrovites" arrived in the Kherson region - General Staff

11:08 10 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Over the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully repulsed the attacks of Russian invaders in the areas of the settlements of Zaitsevo, Veselaya Dolina, Soledar, Bakhmut and Pervomayskoye. Meanwhile, a detachment of "Kadyrovites" arrived in the occupied territory of the Kherson region. This was announced on Saturday, September 10, by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Volyn and Polesye directions, the situation has not changed significantly.

In the Seversk direction, the enemy launched airstrikes on civilian and military infrastructure in the areas of the settlements of Slavgorod and Velyka Pisarevka in the Sumy region.

In other directions, the Russian occupiers fired on military and civilian infrastructure from tanks, combat vehicles, cannon and rocket artillery.

In addition, the enemy conducted aerial reconnaissance using UAVs - 36 sorties were recorded.

To strengthen the Russian grouping in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region, a unit of the so-called "Kadyrovtsy", formed on a national basis, arrived, numbering up to 1,300 people.

The defense forces successfully repelled enemy attacks in the areas of the settlements of Zaitsevoe, Veselaia Dolina, Soledar, Bakhmut and Pervomaiskoye.

In general, in recent days, more than a thousand square kilometers of Ukrainian territory have been liberated from the invaders.. In some directions, units of the Defense Forces penetrated the enemy defenses to a depth of 50 km. More than thirty settlements were liberated or taken under control, which were temporarily captured by Russian invaders in the Kharkov region.

During the day, to support the actions of ground groups, the aircraft of the Defense Forces carried out 33 strikes - an ammunition depot was destroyed, almost 25 strongholds and places of accumulation of manpower and equipment were defeated.

The air defense units of our troops in different directions destroyed 2 UAVs and one guided missile.

Over the past day, as a result of the fire impact of missile troops and artillery of the Ukrainian ground forces, 18 command posts of various levels, enemy manpower concentration areas, air defense and electronic warfare equipment, artillery units and more than 20 warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants were hit. .

Население освобожденных сел встречают воинов ВСУ

Meanwhile, in the liberated territories, the de-occupied communities are returning to life.. The area is cleared. Units of the National Guard of Ukraine are carrying out stabilization measures. The work of the National Police has been resumed. The police officers record numerous crimes of the enemy on Ukrainian soil, they are ready to counter provocations and the penetration of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. The local population is immediately provided with all possible assistance, since the occupiers left behind destroyed infrastructure, destroyed houses of civilians and piles of scrap metal.

The previous evening, the General Staff reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had attacked enemy command posts.

Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an enemy crossing in the Kherson region - OK Yug