Ukrainian Armed Forces hit five enemy targets in Kherson region

18:50 29 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit five enemy targets in the Kherson region, in particular, the railway junction in Brilevka, which is important for the Russian occupiers.

This was announced by the People's Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Serhiy Khlan on his Facebook page.
"In the region, one of the important logistic hubs of the occupier was destroyed - the railway station in Brilovka. The Russians just dragged equipment and ammunition there - everything burned down. Some did not even have time to unload. People report loud explosions and detonations. Probably there is a hit in the oil depot. Many orcs were left without arms and legs," he said.
According to the people's choice, the Ukrainian military is already hitting the invaders' bases further than 100 km from the line of demarcation.
"The occupiers no longer have a reliable place to place bases. Only for this night minus warehouses in Novaya Kakhovka, Chernobaevka, Aleshki, Brilevka. Our Armed Forces are destroying rear supplies and blocking the logistical routes of the Russian military," he summed up.