In the Kherson region, the military of the Russian Federation change into civilian clothes

14:55 11 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The occupiers in Kherson change into civilian clothes, and hide their uniforms and bulletproof vests in trash bins.

This was reported by the Center for National Resistance of Ukraine.

The Center suggests that the Russians may try to create a picture of "heroic resistance" to the Ukrainian defense forces.
"According to our underground, people in civilian clothes with weapons were seen in different parts of the city. Also, Russian uniforms, helmets and bulletproof vests are hidden in garbage dumps and in separate approaches. Russians can try to create a picture that supposedly the local population is fighting off the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In fact, these soldiers are just suicide bombers, to whom the command promised "escape routes." For sure, the blown up Antonovsky Bridge was one of these routes," the department noted.