Minsk spread a fake about the alleged mass migration of Ukrainians to Belarus

08:58 28 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The state authorities of Belarus have provided disinformation about the mass migration of Ukrainians to Belarus from the EU countries, in particular from Poland.

This was announced by Stanislav Zharin, government commissioner for the security of the information space of Poland.
"A communiqué has been published on the website of the Belarusian Border Committee, in which Minsk reports on the alleged mass migration of Ukrainians to Belarus," Zharin wrote on Twitter.

He noted that, in his opinion, Belarusian propaganda continues to falsify reality, in particular regarding the role of Belarus in the war against Ukraine.

The Government Commissioner for the Security of the Information Space of Poland posted a graph under the entry, noting that it contains false data about Ukrainian refugees who allegedly left for Belarus.
"According to information about the migration movement, more than 60,000 Ukrainians were supposed to be sent to Belarus, including almost 40,000 through Poland," Zharin said.
He added that Belarusian propaganda once again hints that Ukrainians who are fleeing Russian aggression are seeking asylum in Belarus, perceiving this country as safer than the EU countries..
"Minsk directly indicates that Ukrainian refugees arrived in Belarus through the EU countries," Zharin added.