Russian Defense Ministry lies about "successes" of its army in Ukraine - investigation

12:43 30 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Every day (and sometimes several times) the representative of the Ministry of Defense, General Igor Konashenkov, talks about the successes of the Russian army. Journalists studied 196 of his speeches.
The study proves that many of the "achievements" of the Russian army are actually only on paper and were obtained through arithmetic and geographical falsifications.

🔻 The main impression is that the data is taken from nowhere - the press secretary reports on the capture of the same cities and villages and is constantly confused in the numbers of losses of the "enemy". Moreover, when journalists added up all Konashenkov's data, it turned out that Russia had already destroyed more equipment than Ukraine had, even taking into account Western supplies.

🔻 Best of all, the lie of the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense illustrates his favorite term - "areas of concentration of manpower and equipment" of Ukrainian troops. If you add up all the statements of Konashenkov, it turns out that Russia destroyed 39.8 thousand of such clusters. However, all other military statements contradict this figure.

🔻 Journalists added up all the figures from Konashenkov's reports on destroyed equipment - it turned out that Russia destroyed 9715 pieces of equipment. That is, one area of accumulation of equipment does not even consist of one unit of equipment (although there should be more), but of its quarter.

🔻 The same with living force. If you add up all the statements, it turns out that 40.5 thousand Ukrainian soldiers died from the actions of the Russian army. It follows from it that the destroyed accumulation of manpower and equipment includes only one person.