The mayor of Izyum told the situation in the city liberated by the Ukrainian army

17:42 12 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Mayor of Izyum Valeriy Marchenko spoke in an interview with the BBC about what is happening right now in the city liberated by the Ukrainian army, and when residents will be able to return there.

According to him, now the Ukrainian army is in Izyum, the state flag has been raised.
"The city is calm, the military are engaged in mopping up, bypassing the territory of the city, looking for enemy soldiers who were hiding in private houses. If they find them, they knock them out," he said.
After these events, filtration will be carried out in the city.
"They will look for collaborators. It will take another 10 days. After that, residents who left will be able to return to the city," the mayor said.
Nearly two-thirds of the population has left the city, he said. In most areas now there is no electricity, gas and water. There is also no connection.

In addition, there is a huge problem with heating in the city, almost all boiler houses have been bombed, the mayor said.