The miller hurries the allies with weapons

09:23 24 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Andrei Melnik thanked the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz for the promised supply of weapons.

He said this on the ZDF channel.

The German government announced that they plan to supply more than 500 million euros worth of weapons to Ukraine: Iris-T air defense systems, 10 ARVs, 20 rocket launchers, ammunition and anti-drone equipment. The budget committee of the Bundestag still has to approve these deliveries.

According to him, Ukraine "really appreciates this new commitment of the chancellor and is grateful for it." Meanwhile, most of the promised weapons will not be available until next year, the ambassador said.. Because of this, the diplomat hopes for an accelerated delivery, because "now every day matters, especially before winter."
"We hope that other weapons that can be delivered quickly will also reach Ukraine.. This announcement is very important," Melnyk said.
According to him, it is important that Ukraine shows that it is capable of defeating Russia - "only then there will be a chance for negotiations and a lasting peace."
"I hope that this support that we have received since the beginning of the war, both here in Berlin and in other capitals of Europe and the Western world, that this support will remain. Because this war is against Ukraine. Ukraine wins, this is also in the interests of Germany. And so I hope that the people here, the public, including the media, will not stop reporting on this and supporting us," the ambassador said.

He again expressed the hope that before leaving for Kyiv on October 14, he would have the opportunity to personally meet with the Chancellor, President and Finance Minister of Germany, "to clarify everything: difficult times, and that no one holds a grudge."
"And I hope that Germany will continue to stand very firmly on our side," the diplomat stressed.