Melitopol partisans help fight the invaders

14:53 08 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Melitopol partisans help the Ukrainian military.

This was announced by military expert Alexander Musienko during the information telethon.
"We see that Melitopol is one of the strongholds of Ukrainian resistance in the Zaporozhye direction. We know that Ukrainian partisans are very active there, who are moving on to the destruction of railway facilities. In addition, they continue to resist, delaying enemy logistics. Well, they inform the Ukrainian forces about the movement of units, the delivery of equipment, and the like," he said.

According to the expert, partisan resistance is very important because it helps the Ukrainian defenders to destroy the enemy's warehouses. Musienko also added that Melitopol is now a large logistics hub of the occupiers, which distributes weapons throughout the Zaporozhye direction.