Macron called Ukraine's accession to NATO "unlikely"

14:42 22 December Kyiv, Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron said Ukraine's entry into NATO would be viewed by the Kremlin as a "confrontation" and considered such a scenario "unlikely". This was reported on December 22 by the Le Figaro newspaper..
"It's hard to imagine this with this Russia... Regardless of whether Ukraine joins NATO - and this is not the most likely scenario - it will have to give security guarantees," the French leader stressed.

In addition, he insists on providing security guarantees to Russia after the end of the war, which has already provoked criticism in Kyiv and Europe.
"In the end, it will be necessary to put everyone at the table. And so that all Europeans who give me moral lessons explain with whom they will sit at the table. I don't want only the Chinese and Turks to negotiate the next day," Macron said, referring to the mediation efforts of Turkish diplomacy.