Lukashenka claims Ukraine is asking for a non-aggression pact

12:29 24 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine allegedly offers Belarus to conclude a non-aggression pact.

This was stated by the formal Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA informs on Tuesday, January 24.

According to him, "the West has not given up its plans regarding Belarus," and Ukraine "continues to train militants and extremists."
“I don’t know why the Ukrainians are doing this. On the one hand, they ask us not to fight with Ukraine in any case, so that our troops don’t move there. A non-aggression pact is proposed to be concluded. And on the other hand, they prepare this explosive mixture and arm them. Poland, Lithuania are generally crazy. Why do they need it? Unclear. Therefore, we are forced to react harshly," Lukashenka said at a meeting on the socio-political situation and the state of crime in Belarus.