Lukashenka decided to finally destroy the investment climate in the country

15:51 05 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Belarus, in an attempt to respond to Western sanctions, has banned foreign investors from "unfriendly countries" from selling their businesses or somehow withdrawing their assets.
"In order to protect the interests of the Republic of Belarus, the shares are blocked on the depo accounts of their owners according to the list on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Finance to impose restrictions on the disposal of securities," the decision of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, published on the website of the National Legal Internet Portal of the country, says.
In total, 190 companies with foreign capital fell under the restrictions, including: LUKOIL Belorussiya (an investor from Austria LUKOIL INTERNATIONAL GmbH), Berezastroymaterialy (Lithuanian CJSC Lemures), Kommunarka (investor MOL corporation from the USA), Mozyrsky sawmill” (investor from Estonia Kaamos Timber AS) and others.
The list also includes those companies owned by Belarusians who own shares through companies abroad.

Now only crazy people will want to invest in Belarus. In fact, the authorities heavily hinted at the nationalization (raider takeover) of private enterprises.