Lukashenka paid a visit to the training ground with the military of the Russian Federation

15:42 06 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The authoritarian leader of Belarus arrived at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground in the Brest region, bordering Ukraine and Poland. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus also announced the arrival of another echelon with military equipment for a joint grouping of troops with Russia.

Russian media write about it.

One of the Russian units is located at this training ground.

“We are doing a common thing,” Lukashenka said after a Russian officer presented him with a report on the completion of the coordination of units and formations of the joint group, including the exercises of motorized rifle and tank units, special forces and air defense units.
Prior to this, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the buildup of a joint regional grouping of troops, and that personnel, weapons, Russian military and special equipment were arriving in the country.. In this regard, military experts do not rule out that Moscow may be preparing the second stage of the invasion of Ukraine - this time with the direct participation of Belarusian formations.