More than 10 allies supported training course for Ukrainian military - UK ambassador

10:57 07 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The training program for Ukrainian military personnel, proposed by Great Britain, has already been supported by more than 10 Western countries.

This was stated by the British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons.
"The result that I think is really significant is the number of countries that supported the training program. This is up to eight countries that are a fantastic alliance from Europe, as well as New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada," the official said.
Simmons said allies see the efficiency and speed with which the Ukrainian military, who come and receive training, acquire new knowledge and skills.
"Study will continue until we reach this goal.. We are already talking about how this can develop, in particular, where else can training take place, as well as more complex levels of training.. But in order to provide basic training for people who have not taken it before, this is really good," the diplomat said.
She also added that 6,000 Ukrainian soldiers have already completed training in the UK.

Simmons noted that the UK is the second largest donor of support for Ukraine after the US. She recalled that about 4 weeks ago, the kingdom provided Ukraine with air defense systems and more artillery, while constantly considering how to further strengthen support for Ukraine. The diplomat stressed that British military assistance to Ukraine reaches 2.3 billion pounds (about 2.6 billion dollars - ed.. ).