Kuleba asks partners to disconnect Gazprombank from SWIFT

12:36 29 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba called on partners to disconnect Russian Gazprombank from SWIFT, which Russia uses simultaneously to receive European payments for oil and gas and to pay salaries to the Russian military.

This is how the head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine reacted on Twitter to the investigation of the journalists of the "Schemes" program.
"Ukrainian investigative journalists have discovered that Russia's Gazprombank is being used both to receive European payments for gas and oil and to pay salaries to Russian troops waging a war of aggression against Ukraine.. What irony. Sanctions should be imposed on Gazprombank and disconnected from SWIFT,” Dmitry Kuleba wrote.
Schemes journalists discovered that Gazprombank, which has escaped serious Western sanctions and disconnection from SWIFT, is a conductor of European money for Russian gas and oil and at the same time serves as a purse for the salaries of the Russian army for waging an aggressive war against Ukraine. A war that took the lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainians and left millions homeless.