Kuleba commented on China's position in the war

17:51 19 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba stressed that the most important thing now is the lack of benefit from China's position for the Russian Federation. He stated this during a video message at Ukraine House in Davos.
“Under the current circumstances, the most important thing is that the Russian Federation does not benefit from the position of China. This is a good start for the conversation we are looking forward to having with Beijing,” Kuleba said.
The minister stressed that China is a special case and it is very important to be careful in assessing China's position so as not to send the wrong signal.
“When we see that China is not helping Russia get around sanctions, and we know that the Russians asked for them, it’s good. When we see that China does not supply military equipment to Russia, this is also good. When we hear assessments from some Chinese officials about the reasons for Russian aggression, we do not feel joy,” the Foreign Minister explained.

He also noted the need for further cooperation between Ukraine and China.