The US Congress is preparing to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

16:06 21 July Kyiv, Ukraine

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a message to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism or Congress will.

It is reported by Politico, citing 2 informed sources.

The Capitol noted that Blinken's consent would simplify the task and it would be more difficult to recognize the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism by law. However, if it is Congress that does this, then the Biden administration will receive the political cover necessary to increase economic pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin and tighten the rhetoric against him.

Recognition of another country as a sponsor of terrorism means strict restrictions on interactions with this state, a ban on the export of defense goods, control over the export of dual-use products, financial and other restrictions. The decision also includes the introduction of other sanctions laws that punish individuals and countries involved in trade with sponsoring states, the State Department website says.. This means that the US would have to expand sanctions beyond just certain sectors of the economy, Politico notes.
Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria have now been declared state sponsors of terrorism in the United States. This status implies restrictions on contacts with and assistance to such countries.