Russia specialist to command NATO forces in Europe

16:55 01 July Kyiv, Ukraine

American General Christopher Cavoli on Friday, July 1, took command of NATO forces, replacing another US General Tod Walters.

Politico reports.

The Senate approved the candidacy of President Joe Biden for the post of commander of US forces in Europe and for the post of commander in chief of NATO.

Army General Christopher Cavoli was confirmed Thursday night as the US and European allies work to help Ukraine contain Russia's advance, and NATO looks to expand to include Sweden and Finland.

Cavoli, who currently commands US Army forces on the continent, will succeed Air Force General Todd Walters as head of US European Command and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.

He is taking over the reins of power as Russian forces gradually begin to strengthen their positions in Ukraine's eastern Donbas.

The four-star general speaks fluent Russian and received a master's degree from Yale University in Russian studies.. He served as Director for Russia on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.