The team of the President of Ukraine plans to present a peace plan in February

09:54 23 December Kyiv, Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team plan to present a plan for a peaceful settlement of the war in Ukraine in February 2023.

It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

As the newspaper notes, during his recent visit to Washington, among the talk about the course of hostilities and the provision of weapons to Ukraine, Zelensky did not give up hope for negotiations.
"The conversation of the Ukrainian president on Thursday (December 22 - ed.. ) about the formula for peace took place after the recent discussion by Kyiv of a 10-point peace plan. According to European and Ukrainian diplomats, Mr. Zelensky's team is now working on a plan and intends to present their ideas on or close to the first anniversary of the Russian invasion on February 24.
At the same time, US, Ukrainian and NATO officials said that Ukraine's position in any possible negotiations, where it is likely to demand significant concessions from Moscow, will depend on its position on the battlefield, and therefore Kyiv wants to prepare for possible peace negotiations by reaching military victories.

In addition, the publication recalls the threat of a new large-scale Russian offensive in 2023.
European diplomats say they strongly believe that Putin is determined to launch a new offensive sometime between February and April, and therefore will not be interested in negotiations until he attempts a new offensive and sees what it is. will end. Ukrainian military officials also foresaw a Russian winter offensive.