When the Russian Federation will be forced to end the war - forecast from Podolyak

08:23 27 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine will end at the negotiating table, but only after the Russian Federation suffers significant tactical losses at the front. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, shared this opinion in an interview with the Finnish publication Helsingin Sanomat, reports on Friday, August 26, OP.

"Russia is really ready for peace only if it has suffered significant tactical losses. Then it stops issuing ultimatums and is forced to listen to the arguments of others. When Ukraine reaches the borders defined in 1991, Russia will be ready to sit down at the negotiating table and sign a peace treaty. This is the only chance to guarantee the liberal values and freedom of Europe," the representative of Kyiv said.

At the same time, the adviser noted that now, as at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, there is no way to negotiate with an aggressor country that speaks the language of ultimatums and puts forward unacceptable demands.

"Putin's plan is simple. He wants to restore the Soviet Union in one form or another. Ukraine here is his main enemy," Podolyak stressed.

Finally, he predicted that Russia's defeat would give Belarus freedom of choice, which could still become "a real European democracy."

Earlier, Podolyak said that negotiations with the Russian Federation on a ceasefire are unprofitable, since any temporary truce would mean the continuation of Russian aggression in the future.