When can we expect a new missile strike from Russia - forecast from the OP

12:17 03 December Kyiv, Ukraine

The Russian aggressors have somewhat changed their tactics of delivering massive missile strikes against Ukraine. They are expecting more frost. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, said this in an interview with Russian journalist Yulia Latynina.

In his opinion, the enemy intends to "freeze as hard as possible" Ukraine and is waiting for such an opportunity, since "in this case, the main blow falls not even on energy as such, but on heating."

"It seems to me that now Russia's tactics have changed a little - they are waiting for an increase in frost, the depth of frost. Roughly speaking, for the temperature to drop there at night to 8-10 degrees below zero, and at this moment they want to inflict the most sensitive blow on Ukraine," Podolyak suggests.

He noted that Russia's plan is "absolutely thought out and cannibalistic."

Recall, according to the GUR, the enemy is reconnoitering targets and preparing missiles for a new massive strike.

At the same time, the military believes that Russia can put pressure on Ukraine with reports of a "decisive missile attack." Thus, the enemy is trying to influence and intimidate the population.