China for the first time supported the UN resolution, which called Russia the aggressor

07:55 02 May Kyiv, Ukraine

China voted for the first time in favor of a UN resolution calling Russia the aggressor, after having either abstained or voted against before.
This was announced on Twitter by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Serhiy Kislitsa.

This is a resolution on cooperation between the Organization and the Council of Europe. The document is accepted annually. The 2023 edition, in particular, refers to Russian aggression against Ukraine and Georgia.
"The unprecedented challenges facing Europe after the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and before that - against Georgia, and the termination of the membership of the Russian Federation in the Council of Europe, require increased cooperation between the United Nations and the Council of Europe, in particular, with a view to the speedy restoration and maintenance of peace and security based on respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of any state," the resolution emphasizes.
The document was adopted on April 26 with 122 votes in favor. In particular, it was supported by China, India, Kazakhstan and Brazil. Five countries voted against - Russia, Belarus, Nicaragua, Syria and North Korea.